EXQUIRES Documentation

Online Documentation

The documentation for the latest release version of EXQUIRES can be viewed online at http://exquires.ca.

Building the Documentation

The EXQUIRES documentation/website is built using Sphinx.

Before building the documentation, you must first perform the following tasks:

  • Install Sphinx ($ sudo apt-get install python-sphinx)
  • Install EXQUIRES

To produce the HTML documentation (same as the online documentation):

  • From the docs directory, run: $ make html
  • This will produce HTML documentation in the _build/html/ directory
  • Open _build/html/index.html with your browser

To produce the PDF manual:

  • From the docs directory, run: $ make latexpdf
  • This will produce LaTeX files in the _build/latex directory and run them through pdflatex
  • Open exquires.pdf to view the manual.

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