Source code for update

#!/usr/bin/env python
# coding: utf-8
#  Copyright (c) 2012, Adam Turcotte (
#                      Nicolas Robidoux (
#  License: BSD 2-Clause License
#  This file is part of the
#  EXQUIRES (EXtensible QUantitative Image RESampling) test suite

"""Compute new error data for changes to the user-specified project file.

The project file is inspected to determine which changes have been made. Items
that have been removed will result in entries being removed from the database.
Items that have been changed or added will result in new data being computed
and added to the database file. If no changes have been made to the project
file, the database will not be updated.

If you wish to recompute all data based on your project file rather than simply
updating it with the changes, use :ref:`exquires-run`.

To view aggregated error data, use :ref:`exquires-report`.


import argparse

from configobj import ConfigObj

import exquires.operations as operations
import exquires.parsing as parsing

[docs]def _subtract(dict1, dict2): """Subtract dictionary `dict2` from `dict1` and return the difference. This function creates a new `dict`, then iterates over `dict1` and adds all entries that are not found in `dict2`. .. note:: This is a private function called by :func:`_get_namespaces`. :param dict1: dictionary to subtract from :param dict2: dictionary to subtract :type dict1: `dict` :type dict2: `dict` :return: dict1 - dict2 :rtype: `dict` """ result = {} for key in dict1.keys(): if not key in dict2 or dict1[key] != dict2[key]: result[key] = dict1[key] return result
[docs]def _get_namespaces(config_file, config_bak): """Return all necessary configuration namespaces. This function returns four namespaces that specify which images, downsamplers, ratios, upsamplers, and metrics to use when creating or updating a project database: * `current` -- all entries in current project file * `new` -- entries only in currenty project file * `old` -- entries only in previous project file * `same` -- entries common to both project files .. note:: This is a private function called by :func:`_update`. :param config_file: current configuration file :param config_bak: previous configuration file :type config_file: `path` :type config_bak: `path` :return: the current, new, old, and same namespaces :rtype: :class:`argparse.Namespace` """ # Read the current configuration file. current = argparse.Namespace() config_current = ConfigObj(config_file) current.images = config_current['Images'] current.ratios = config_current['Ratios'] current.downsamplers = config_current['Downsamplers'] current.upsamplers = config_current['Upsamplers'] current.metrics = config_current['Metrics'] # Read the configuration file last used to update the database. previous = argparse.Namespace() config_previous = ConfigObj(config_bak) previous.images = config_previous['Images'] previous.ratios = config_previous['Ratios'] previous.downsamplers = config_previous['Downsamplers'] previous.upsamplers = config_previous['Upsamplers'] previous.metrics = config_previous['Metrics'] # Construct dictionaries from the current and previous configurations. new = argparse.Namespace() new.images = _subtract(current.images, previous.images) new.ratios = _subtract(current.ratios, previous.ratios) new.downsamplers = _subtract(current.downsamplers, previous.downsamplers) new.upsamplers = _subtract(current.upsamplers, previous.upsamplers) new.metrics = _subtract(current.metrics, previous.metrics) old = argparse.Namespace() old.images = _subtract(previous.images, current.images) old.ratios = _subtract(previous.ratios, current.ratios) old.downsamplers = _subtract(previous.downsamplers, current.downsamplers) same = argparse.Namespace() same.images = _subtract(current.images, new.images) same.ratios = _subtract(current.ratios, new.ratios) same.downsamplers = _subtract(current.downsamplers, new.downsamplers) same.upsamplers = _subtract(current.upsamplers, new.upsamplers) same.metrics = _subtract(current.metrics, new.metrics) # Return the namespaces. return current, new, old, same
[docs]def _update(args): """Update the database. .. note:: This is a private function called by :func:`main`. :param args: arguments :param args.config_file: current project file :param args.config_bak: previous project file :type args: :class:`argparse.Namespace` :type args.config_file: `path` :type args.config_bak: `path` """ # Get the various namespaces for this project update. current, new, old, same = _get_namespaces(args.config_file, args.config_bak) args.met_same = same.metrics args.metrics = current.metrics # Define operations. same.up_obj = operations.Upsamplers(same.upsamplers, new.metrics, True) new.up_obj = operations.Upsamplers(new.upsamplers, current.metrics) current.up_obj = operations.Upsamplers(current.upsamplers, current.metrics) same.rat_obj = operations.Ratios(same.ratios, [same.up_obj, new.up_obj], True) new.rat_obj = operations.Ratios(new.ratios, [current.up_obj]) current.rat_obj = operations.Ratios(current.ratios, [current.up_obj]) same.down_obj = operations.Downsamplers(same.downsamplers, [same.rat_obj, new.rat_obj], True) new.down_obj = operations.Downsamplers(new.downsamplers, [current.rat_obj]) current.down_obj = operations.Downsamplers(current.downsamplers, [current.rat_obj]) same.img_obj = operations.Images(same.images, [same.down_obj, new.down_obj], True) new.img_obj = operations.Images(new.images, [current.down_obj]) operations.Operations([same.img_obj, new.img_obj]).compute(args, old)
[docs]def main(): """Run :ref:`exquires-update`. Update the project database based on changes to the project file. .. note:: If the update fails, the previous database will be restored. """ _update(parsing.OperationsParser(__doc__, True).parse_args())
if __name__ == '__main__': main()