The following features are planned for future versions of EXQUIRES:

  • Add greater support for resuming from crashes:
    • Currently, exquires-update depends on a backup of your project file to determine how to modify the database.
    • If exquires-update is interrupted, the original database file is restored.
    • Version 1.0 will retain the changes made to the database file and will be able to resume the update operation.
  • Add report output formats:
  • Add Kendall’s rank correlation:
    • Currently, exquires-correlate produces cross-correlation matrices using Spearman’s rank correlation.
    • Kendall’s rank correlation is more complicated than Spearman’s rank correlation, but the result is more informative, so it will eventually be added.
  • Add unit tests:
    • Every module should have a unit test written for it.
    • Version 1.0 will introduce unit tests.

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